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Forgotten passwords and their recovery cause substantial costs for companies worldwide every day. Not only the IT department, which has to reset the passwords needs to be considered here, but also the amount of lost working time for employees..

This is where WedaCon's YIAMKiosk© starts. As a portal providing self-service YIAMKiosk© clears the way for your users in a simple, yet safe way to reset their forgotten passwords on their own and without any intervention by the IT Department.

Various and combinable registration procedures such as one-time password, SMS or email provide a maximum but still practical level of security.

Moreover, YIAMKiosk© offers additional functions, that enable password recoveries and other simple administration processes for HelpDesk teams, which have only limited administration authorizations.

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Rapid Deployment

YIAMKiosk© is provided as a ready-for-use virtual appliance and can be deployed on any common virtualization platform. The appliance consists of a hardened and security-enhanced operating system and an open-source based Java application. Operation occurs conveniently via common browsers. Among other features, YIAMKiosk© offers the following functions and usecases coverage:

  • User Self Service and “contact directory”, also providing functions to maintain several personal attributes and settings.
  • Central and secure tool for password management of your employees, customers and partners.
  • Multiple factor authentication (emails, SMS and one-time password).
  • Connection to LDAP directory services and SQL databases.
  • REST-interfaces.
  • Password security level check at entering, also beyond conventional password rules.
  • Possibility to prevent the usage of weak passwords.
  • Helpdesk modules for limited helpdesk tasks.
  • Multilingual.
  • Support for mobile devices.
  • … and many more!

Quick Return on Investment

Even in complex environments YIAMKiosk© can be integrated in a very short time into your processes.

Already 20-30 self-service operations enabled by YIAMKiosk© and thereby avoided calls will result in your investments paid off.

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4 Versions...

...all options

  • Our online demo: For a quick overview.
  • Our 'Sandbox': an unhardened system, which can be used for testing on your own (not recommended for productive use).
  • Our 'Production-Ready'-Systems: security hardened, which you can maintain and service on your own.
  • Our 'Maintenance'- Systems: security hardened, regular updates and 24/7 Support: just lean back!

Product Sheet

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Online Demo

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YIAMKiosk Standard is free to use. Start now and read our documentation.

Product Familiy

YIAMKiosk© is part of the YIAM© product family, which reflects our more than 15 years of experience in management of digital identities, authentication and authorization.

For more information about the YIAM© product family, package deals and upgrade opportunities contact us using one of the channels below.