Our Vision

Expanding digital Identity Management to digital Entity Management

In a hyper-connected world, with trillions of connections between the digital identity representation and connected devices, organizations and other elements, we need a more sophisticated, more complete view on the relations the digital representations have.

The massive amount of things, or 'entities' connected to a digital identity (=Persona) need to be taken into account, and additionally to that: the relations each of these entities have.


Our Mission

Semantic Entity Relationship Management

Identities and Entities can not be seen or even managed isolated. The relations between them, the context in which an operation takes place, is what drives processes. Our goal is to describe the actors (subject and object) and the context (predicate) of each operation in a semantic notation, which allows every participant, human or machine, to really 'understand' what needs to be done.


Your Success

Benefit from a holistic view

Since more than 18 years, WedaCon is doing Identity Management. Our holistic approach to IDM and ERM centers around the user, but does not neglect the surrounding entities and their relations. Imagine having an onboarding process with a duration of less than 5 minutes. Or not even having to plan a budget for restructuring your onboarding processes. Simply doing it.


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More than 18 years experience in the field of digital identities, entities and their relations

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