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‘Privacy by Design' is just one of many demands on IT systems and processes each organization must meet in May 2018 at the latest, as the transitional period for the implementation of the EU Privacy Regulation (EU- GDPR) comes to an end.

The 2-year period to implement the regulation requires companies and organizations to revise their processes for managing personal data and many other related processes and possibly adapt.

Particular for small and medium enterprises this is a major challenge, since such processes often are opaque and only known to a small group of people. Beside the process and business requirements, the variety of different applications, systems and their management tools are not built with ‘Privacy by Design’ in mind.

YIAMConnect© helps you to transform the mechanisms and relevant data of these processes to transparency and also provides a centralized management console, which meets all the requirements for data protection and data security.

As a side effect this enables enormous potential for increasing your efficiency in a very short timeframe.

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Rapid Deployment

YIAMConnect© is a pre-configured and independent version of our flagship 'YIAMSuite©'. Various connectors allow integration of your different data sources with personal and process-related information such as databases, directory services, Excel spreadsheets and many more.

The availability of those meta-data during process design enables organizations to utilize relations between different entity types and implement more complex processes and scenarios than ever before. Better process reliability leads to a higher process quality, even in environments acting in an ‘ad-hoc’ fashion.

YIAMConnect© is specifically designed for small and medium organizations, which have usually already implemented central directory services such as Microsoft© Active Directory©.

While the management tools of those directory services allow extensive activities to the management of users, groups or computers, they most often lack functions to make sure the activity of the administrator in charge is in line with the processes and compliancy requirements.

YIAMConnect© provides recurring administrative tasks in an easy to use web interface and guides the operator through these tasks.

Defined processes are being effectively implemented and forced to be followed each time they are required. Once defined, those processes can be assigned to less-skilled operators, even non-technicals.

Your IT professionals can take care of the really important and complex challenges, and are not bound to simple ‘daily business' and standard tasks.

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Quick Return on Investment

The use of the central YIAMConnect© management console that accompany your processes offers a number of advantages:

  • No manual data transfer during the transmission of data from HR systems, Excel spreadsheets and other sources.
  • High data quality using process templates and eliminating uncontrolled processes.
  • Transparency and accountability of rights and role assignments (who did what when?).
  • Delegating standardized tasks to the specialized departments.
  • Privacy by Design by extensive authorization structures.

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Product Family

YIAMConnect© is part of the YIAM© product family, which reflects our more than 15 years of experience in management of digital identities, authentication and authorization.

By optimizing the requirements of small and medium companies YIAMConnect© offers an easy and efficient entry into the world of Identity and Access Management and all the options for your growth.

For more information about the YIAM© product family, package deals and upgrade opportunities contact us using one of the channels below.